Stay Home: 10 Screen time suggestions for younger toddlers during Isolation/quarantine

Usually my 18 month old doesn’t get a lot of screen time, she will occasionally watch something with her older sister on a weekend morning because 5.30am is an ungodly hour, but she usually misses out on afternoon screen time because she’s napping. However, we are finally transitioning to one nap and in light of staying at home I anticipate that more screen time will creep in. And that’s fine, we are ok with that. So I thought I would share what I look for in a tv programme and a few of my favourites (new and old) for younger toddlers (under 2). It’s worth mentioning that my 3 year old also loves all of these so don’t rule them out for older siblings.

All of these programmes tick the following boxes, they are slow paced with minimal scene changes and they cover simple concepts. We love adaptations and animations of familiar books and anything whimsical or stop motion.

Moon and Me on Cbeebies (or youtube)

Abney and Teal (old cbeebies) on youtube

Twirly woos on Cbeebies (or youtube)

The Snowy Day on Amazon Prime

The Very Hungry Caterpillar on YouTube

Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear by Martin Waddell on YouTube

We’re going on a bear hunt – a Channel 4 adaptation

We’re going on a bear hunt animation on YouTube

We’re going on a bear hunt reading by Michael Rosen on YouTube

The Snail on the Whale on BBC iplayer

I would love to hear how you are approaching screen time with younger children right now and some of your favourite shows for under 2’s.

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