Inspiration and Resources to help you shape a daily rhythm at home with children

Now more than ever I am craving a natural, gentle flow that takes us through until bedtime. We all need the predictability and consistency so that we are not falling over each other trying to get through a myriad of tasks. I need the calm that comes from having some semblance of rhythm. It’s not going to be perfect, it’s not going to be static but it is going to cradle me through the weeks and maybe even months to come. So I have put together a simple list (because I’m all about simple right now) of links to blog posts, podcasts, courses and resources that will hopefully inspire and guide you in shaping rhythm in your home.

Blog Posts

Create a daily schedule and rhythm with your kids

Organise your kids day with these 7 crucial elements

Rhythm in the home: Morning Time & Tea Time

Rhythm in the home: Our Autumn Rhythm

Rhythm in the home: Our Summer Rhythm

Our Early Spring Rhythm

A slow January at home


How do you get kids to do quiet time?

Finding your Family’s Rhythm with Meagan Wilson

Creating a family rhythm that aligns with your family…

Practical Tips for being at home with your kids all day, every day

Online courses/workshops

Rhythm in the home


Our Family Rhythms Challenge

Whole Family Rhythms Guides

Simplicity Parenting

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