Painting beyond paper: A Reggio-inspired provocation with tempera paint and plexiglass

This is like the red sun when it’s darker. When it is night time the red sun comes out and it’s just like the red sun.

Althea, 3.5

We use tempera paint a lot, on paper, but mostly on bodies. After a ‘learning episode’ where A painted her little sisters hair red (and the cat 😬), I decided we needed some redirection and so we revisited painting on plexiglass. You can see our first encounter here

I simply taped the plexiglass to our gate and provided sauce bottles with blue and red tempera paint in, a muffin tin for mixing and various paint brushes.

We noticed how smoothly the paint went on to the plexiglass, how visible the brush strokes were and how the light still came through patches of paint. We layered paint to make it more opaque.

We left the painting up and in the morning we noticed how the rain had washed most of it away.

It has lines. The rain has made lines.

Althea 3.5

This was a wonderful opportunity to extend on our conversations about drips and drops.

We then took a bucket of soapy water, a spray bottle and sponge and washed the rest away.

I purchased this plexiglass on its own but you can repurpose the plastic from the inside of picture frames (and then use the empty frames as loose parts).

This is a provocation Pam Oken-wright shares in her wonderful book “Mommy, they’re taking away my imagination”. You can join the book club here (for the price of coffee and cake with a friend). It opens up on the 1st November and runs for 8 weeks.

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