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Each book club spans a number of weeks, breaking the book up into manageable parts. The content is delivered in a designated, private facebook group. Once you have joined you have life time access meaning you will be able to join in with any future relaunches of the book club.

Upcoming Book Club

1st November 2020 – 20th December 2020

“Mommy, they’re taking away my imagination!”

Educating Your Young Child at Home

This book is for anyone who has a role in growing a curious, resourceful, thoughtful human being. My hope is that you will take away what is of use to you, make it your own, extrapolate, imagine and invent. And maybe you will discover your own curiosity in the process.

Pam OKEN-Wright

Pam Oken-Wright is a pedagogical consultant and author who worked with young children as a teacher-researcher for 37 years. She has studied the Reggio-Emilia philosophy since 1990 and enjoys supporting educators and parents on their journey exploring this most joyful and complex way of teaching and learning.

The book will be divided up into manageable parts over the course of 8 weeks. We will open up dialogue in a dedicated Facebook group and support each other in translating the principles and practical ideas from the book into our own context. This book club is for parents, caregivers and educators inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach and is geared towards children in the early years (up to 7 years of age)

Week 1: What is Education and What is learning?

Week 2: A window into your child’s world

Week 3: Understanding your child’s world

Week 4: Expanding your child’s world

Week 5: A relationship with the natural world: Diving into wonder

Week 6: More invitations for the imagination

Week 7: What about reading, writing and maths? And other frequently asked questions

Week 8: Final thoughts and an optional group video chat

Every Sunday I will share questions, reflections, links and resources in the dedicated, private Facebook group to provoke thought and open up dialogue about the weeks content. You will have life time access to the group, so if you fall behind that’s ok! I know how busy life can get. You can drop in at any point and join the dialogue. Whats more you will have access to relaunches of the book club in the future so if you miss anything the first time round or just simply wish to revisit the book then that’s an option too.

The author Pam Oken-Wright has kindly offered to answer any questions you might have towards the end of the 8 weeks.

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“Mommy, they’re taking away my imagination!” Educating your young child at home by Pam Oken-Wright. This membership is for the 8 week online book club and lifetime access to the book club Facebook group. Please note: membership does not include the book.

10.00 £

Once you have paid for your membership you will receive a receipt from Paypal, I will then confirm your registration via email (please allow 24 hours to receive confirmation). Closer to the start date I will forward you a link and instructions on how to access the dedicated Facebook group (this will be sent to the email address linked to your Paypal account) You can drop me an email at if you encounter any problems or have any further questions

I look forward to seeing you there!




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