Pedagogical Cafe


Our Pedagogical Café is a virtual, cozy space, open for anyone interested in discussing topics about education. We welcome you to join us, coffee in hand, ready to check out our menu for the day. Each café session will feature a new menu, here you will find the “topic of the day”, information exchanges and experience sharing opportunities.

Based on the Italian idea of a ‘Caffé Sospeso’ or the gift of coffee, our Pedagogical Café will provide an opportunity for each participant to share a piece of knowledge or experience for a stranger in the Café.

We look forward to welcoming you to share in this experience, enjoy a coffee, a conversation and leave some knowledge behind for our community.

The Pedagogical Café doors will open on 5 September with our first topics of discussion about:
– parental pressures and expectations surrounding the purchasing of toys.
– the commercialization of early childhood.
In addition, we will look at the following concepts:
1) Finding the balance between mindful parenting and the reality of the fast-paced life we live in.
2) The demands of society to provide the ‘best quality’ experiences, environments, and resources for our children.
3) How often do we hold our “image of the child” at the forefront of our minds when making parent choices and decisions.


Moderators: Toni Cathryn, Ambra Lanzi, Katherine Navarria

Date and Time:

  • 5th September 2020 at 9 AM Singapore time
  • 12th September 2020 at 4PM Singapore time

Please check in your time and date through one online world-clock converter like this one: